The new normal

It’s no secret that I like my shoes. Now I am a tall girl, so I rarely wear heels, does this make the “new normal” any easier? No, not at all.

I like my sandals, my boots, my cute ballet pumps, my block heeled ankle boots and my glitter heels. I have never really like trainers, they don’t do anything for my large feet and currently larger ankles.

But this is a new addition to my life, like many things in the coming months, it is something to get used to, I don’t have the struggle of which shoes to wear with which outfit, I were a pair of ugly coloured sketchers (which feel like a dream) or black Nike’s, which I hope just blend into my everyday leggings.

Comfort is key, I mean, seriously. I was a big believer in no pain, no gain and I think post-baby I will squeeze myself back into spanks, and pluck/ wax my body all over. For now, I will remain a comfy, jiggly, hairy snowman that chooses clothes based on least resistance. And I’m OK with that.

(To all the woman out there who managed to look flawless through month 8 & 9 – I salute you.)

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