Control the inner demon

So turns out a large part of being an adult is not punching someone when you REALLY want to. Now, I know that violence is never the answer, but there are those people you run into who are just so hard to get on with there seems no other way.

I am a big believer of killing with kindness, mainly because I find it so much easier to be kind than mean, however, this can often mean (from the outside at least) you look like a pushover. Many don’t understands the inner thoughts of people who are wired differently to themselves, but I don’t think I am programmed to take out my true frustrations on people- so I just swallow them and try to move on. Don’t get me wrong, rage happens, frequently, but it also passes just a quickly as it comes- does this make me weak?

I was always told I would never get anywhere with kindness, that you had to be cut-throat, put yourself first if you ever want to be in control and really achieve anything in your life. So, does this mean I am not meant to reach my potential?

I am not good at confrontation, that’s a lie, I am awful at it. I hate it in fact. I believe in most cases issues can be dealt with softly, kindly – but people keep proving me wrong! It has happened so much recently, that I genuinely am starting to believe the people around me, maybe I won’t get to where I want to be, maybe I should go against every fibre of my being and be more ruthless.

The real question is: can I do it?

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