Getting things done. almost.

I’ve had it my whole life “half-a-job girl” or “it’s almost there, if you just tried a bit harder”

Why am I incapable of finishing a job or completing a project to 100%?

I often blame work commitments or the daily struggle of existence, but I no real excuse, I feel it is just the way I am built. This is why I write lists, if it is not written down somewhere, I don’t need to do it! (This gets me in a lot of trouble on a regular basis with family and work!)

I have tried electronic apps to help with my planning and to do lists written with pen and paper (shocking for a millennial, I know!) but all I end up doing is re-writing lists and making them longer, not shorter. I am working on this, this week is the trial; I hope to actually start a task, finish it and tick it off one of my lists (ah, that great feeling when you scratch something off!)

I have heard of many techniques to help get through the mountain of tasks, but surely the simplest of these is just to start working through it, no fancy tricks, just buckle down and start moving through them? So that is the plan.

Today I have a lot of work tasks, and one non-work task, visit my parents- I used to think it was silly to schedule in time for things like this, but otherwise you miss the opportunity, or you get engrossed in other matters, then weeks go by and you haven’t been to see the people who birthed and raised you. This is crazy, family has always been incredibly important to me, and will always be, so into the schedule they go!

As with most of my plans (just like with the plans of mice and men), this one will probably go array; so I would love to hear any advice or techniques people use to deal with to do lists that multiply regularly, please help.

Ok, so task 1….

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