The irony in this post, it although I am writing about past procrastination and the fact I haven’t written a blog post in months, what I am actually doing is procrastinating right now.

Anyway, irony aside, it has been a while and a lot has changed in my life.* I moved back to my home town with my husband, it has been two months and we have just bought and moved into a new place, it feels immediately like our home. I also have a new job, which has pretty much swallowed up my entire life- which is sort of what this post is about.

I realised recently that I complain, a lot, I think I have always done it but for some reason I am now acutely aware of just how much I bitch and moan about my life and stress. So for that, my friends out there I am sorry. Just like everyone, I am sure I have plenty of things to complain about and things that stress me out, but I have noticed that it is actually all more than manageable- I just have to start making changes.

So why is it so hard?

I know that I can put more hours into my job and my life and start seeing some changes if I just get my act together, but instead I use my “downtime” to do very little to improve my situation. This has to stop. I have the attitude that I want it all, the life, the job the happiness, so I have started to realise to do this I need to put in the effort.

This week will be the trial, I will attempt to adult as best I can, my downtime will be used to organise and plan, not to veg and watch TV. This blog will be rebooted and I will start to manage my time more appropriately, just because you are “meant” to have 7-9 hours sleep, doesn’t mean you HAVE to achieve 9 hours a night, think what I could get done with a couple more productive hours a day!

The pressure that is on us all to “be the best you can be” is crap. Maybe we all need to just work out where our life is now, and what effort needs to go into it to make it better for ourselves?

*in the interest of honesty, I have in fact just got up to do something else, therefore actually procrastinating from my current procrastination- there is something wrong with me.


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