The 6-week blitz.

This is a new one for me, stepping up an already intense exercise regime (intense for me, as my exercise regime used to be hoovering the house once a week), but needs must and I NEED to be in shorts by June. (OK, obviously no one needs to be in shorts, well, ever, but I want the option)

So after a long weekend off plan, with a family-sized bag of mini eggs, 2 cream eggs and – you know what, I can’t even finish that list, so lets just a LOT of chocolate! I am now 6 weeks away from the official start to my Summer. The TT races on the Isle of Man, I will be going home for 2 weeks to enjoy the TT, and I say enjoy because I won’t be working it for the first time in forever.

This means, booze and burgers (I mean, I will try my hardest not to, but come on!)

So from now until then, it is time to up my game. I will dropping my dairy right back (my obsession with babybel’s is getting ridiculous), carbs are back off the menu (at least for the first 2 weeks), no little cheats chocolate squares, and most importantly- upping the exercise. This means, 6 cardio sessions a week and 4 weights sessions (thats up from 4 and 2) I am strangely exciting about this, I love having a target and always respond well to the pressure, so fingers crossed.

I have my 12 week photos on Friday, so will post something with them- I am also going to have a photo taken in shorts and a tee (oh god!) to motivate me for the 6 weeks. Never underestimate the importance of photos, yes measurements might sound impressive on paper, but it is the photos that really light a fire and inspire you to keep going.

I will continue to document this journey through here and on instagram, as well as my random thoughts as I go along.

Something I have noticed, and I wonder if there are any other weightloss enthusiasts (I love that expression, who is enthusiast about this stuff? especially if you love food, like me) is that, for once, this journey of weightloss has not been documented on facebook, I have kept it away from the prying eyes of family and friends, and instead looked to strangers for support. Whereas in previous attempts to lose weight, weightwatchers, diet schemes, shakes (you name it!) I shouted about the 10lbs a lost in a week, this has been different. I think that is important, it means more to me than a photo or a statement about how much I have lost this week, it is for me. My health. My way. My life.

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