The empty pit.

Since some of my posts are bound to be about my recent discovery of healthier foods and regular exercise I should probably give you a brief background into my less than healthy past. Up until January 27th 2016 I was a 17stone, eating machine with little understanding of the word cardio. (I would walk up a flight of stairs and be impressed with myself!)

I had made the decision that since we were moving house I would make changes in my personal life too, and getting healthier was top of the list. (New year, new me and all that malarchy*!)

I met up with a personal trainer and nutritionalist at a small gym and was inspired by his words. 3 months,over 2 stone and a new found love of working out later and here and I am. (There is plenty more to this story, but we have time for that)

Today’s feeling: hangrover. (Hungry, angry, hungover)

So my diet these days consists of mostly protein, with a sprinkling of green vegetables, and no carbs. (It works) Today however, it has consisted of carbs, carbs, sugar and a sprinkling of chocolate. This is down to one thing: the bottomless pit of a stomach I have when I have been drinking.

Look, I am a sensible girl, I have a strong will and have managed to avoid the unhealthy options for quite a while, but that means I have avoided my love of wine too. So when those flood gates were opened yesterday, there was no stopping.

12hours later and no amount of water will fill the void, so it’s cheesy carbs to the rescue. (Although, to be fair to me, you try and find a healthy scrambled eggs or no carb food at Manchester airport in a rush!) So here I am, on a plane home, instantly regretting the bad food I ate and tying to work out how I can rectify this in the gym.

Morale to this story, booze aren’t the enemy, but be prepared for the monster with no will power to be in control the day after. The guilt started the second I finished the muffin and will haunt me for days. Being healthy is hard, wine is easy.

*the word malarchy does not get enough credit and should be used more in modern culture. #malarchy

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