I think I might be crazy.

So, hi, this is potentially the 4th time I have attempted to write a “blog” so maybe 4th times the charm?

I think the reason I failed so many times before is that I was writing about one thing I was doing, rather than just writing about it all, every journey, every failure (a lot of them) and every adventure.

Lets start then. I should probably address the title of this post; *crazy is such a strong word, perhaps odd would have suited better* have you ever thought, I was meant for more?

Like Simba in the Lion King, I know there is something very important I am going to do with my life. When I was younger I thought – I want to be famous, when I was in my early twenties I thought- I want to be successful, and now I think I want to make a difference. That’s not to say those other feelings and thoughts have gone anywhere, I still want to be a famous actress/singer/lion tamer (I’ll take anything), and run my own hugely successful company (with 4 assistants, one who just gets me coffee) but now, I don’t want to just do it for me,  I want it to have meaning.

So I guess that’s about where you guys are joining me in my journey, in my late-twenties, with nothing much figured out, but an overwhelming feeling to do more.

I have very few people around me that are at the same point of life as me; I am married, no kids, 2 cats & a dog. We have all recently made the move from where I grew up to where my husband did and as a someone with no children (no school mums) and out of education (no school friends) it is really hard to make friends! (I am hoping this is something a lot of people find, and not just me?!) That is sort of how this blog idea started, I like to talk, as you may find out (if you have even gotten this far) and I was missing an outlet, so I created one – ta da!

For those wondering exactly what my posts will be about, and why on earth they should read it, I don’t have an answer. Although I can say, there will be talk about exercise and getting healthier, general musings about my often irritating positivity, a look into the journey that is my life and, most importantly me, Charli, attempting to adult.



  1. There is nothing crazy about you, for sure. It sounds you have the dreams of most people, and it sounds like your desires have matured, as well.

    I am a childless wife. I think I am probably older than you. I’m in my mid 40s. You have a lot of things to explore. Actually, so do I. I hope the 4th blog is the charm for you. It’s nice to read that you wish to post about various things. I try to, as well. All the best.

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    • Thanks so much! 😊 I have a lot of thoughts in my head, I hope I articulate them as much as I would like! I hope you enjoy!


  2. I followed my wife across country and worked out of my house. It was SO hard to meet new people and make friends! You’re not crazy. I did meet ups, and walked the dog to meet neighbors (walking the dog was the fastest way to know our neighbors). In the end we found a good church but we were ready to move back then. It’s hard. I agree.


    • It is hard, I get close to meeting people and I honestly get a little scared, isn’t it strange? When we are young it is so easy to walk up to someone and say “do you want to be my friend” but now, it’s complicated. Maybe it shouldn’t be! I have a meet up this Friday, I need to avoid putting too much pressure on it, but hopefully it will just be an enjoyable evening!

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